Tuesday, October 26, 2010

25 seconds

Finally I have started the final piece based on the sound waves of my voice. When it is complete it will be 10 feet long, but shown in a loop, so that it is actually 5 ft long on each side. The stuttering sound wave will be displayed on one side, and the viewer may walk around to see the other side containing the confident sound wave. The piece is 18.5 " wide. I have begun the stuttering sound wave, which is in an opposing color scheme to that of the confident. Done entirely in subtle variations of white and cream. This image actually depicts the sound wave as being more legible than it is in real life; the variance in the tones is extremely subtle.

My goal is to have this piece completed in time for the graduate student show we are installing here at NIU; the opening is on November 11th, so I haven't much time!

These images contain a test I have begun using handmade hemp fiber and found, fallen seed pods. The pods are large, and oddly-shaped, and perhaps most incredibly, they make sound as they are moved and shaken. I'm not sure where this piece will go yet; my immediate thought was to build a giant wind chime out of them, where the viewer could move through them and interact, and cause their own sound patterns.

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