Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Weaving, oh yes

How can I be a fibers artist and not know how to weave? Fortunately this issue is being rectified while I am here in school, as I am finally taking my first weaving class with Christine LoFaso. To continue with my theme of working through issues of sound and voice visually, I am making my first conceptual weaving based on a sound wave.

It is a test to see if I should continue along these lines. If I decide this process is worthwhile, I will make a large-scale weaving based on a sound wave of my own voice talking, perhaps (this is still undecided) only the phrase "I had a disparate nature, my nature is disparate still" to coincide with my paper piece.

I'm working in plain weave format, with two shades of brown cotton yarn as my base, and using inlays of white and pink to create the sound wave image. After I finish this weaving I will test out a variety of materials and color schemes before I begin the large, final piece.

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