Tuesday, January 24, 2012

new "sketch"

The first thing I made for Warren Seelig's Introduction to Constructed Surfaces course.
I am so excited to be in his class that I could burst! 

paper and PVA.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

what was once a flaw

work in progress:
what was once a flaw (working title)
this is a book made of double-sided suminagashi pages, with grey embroidered french knots accentuating the "flaws" in the suminagashi - the air bubbles. Ultimately it will start at a small, folded down source, and unfold to a structure that takes up an entire table. There will be a white embroidered path running through the entire book, a life journey.

I think these are the tiniest stitches I've ever made.

pen & ink drawings

It's not exactly private knowledge that I've never considered myself an artist with any drawing capability whatsoever, but as part of our taxonomy project we were required to have at least one collection be drawn from life. I chose to challenge myself further by drawing the set using pen and ink, which I had never previously explored. It was so laborious that I'm in no hurry to revert to this medium, but I did find it surprisingly enjoyable!

Ten vintage button sets
(I have yet to come up with a clever name for this set... let me know if you have any suggestions)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

ten reasons to question history

More taxonomy... the never-ending project.

Ten reasons to question history
paper-cuttings in handmade, gathered fiber papers, wheat-pasted onto thin handmade abaca paper.
Images taken from real nazca lines and ground carvings.

Monday, January 16, 2012

more taxonomy

These are more samples of the taxonomy I created - 10 collections of 10 things.
Ten paths through the darkness
layered pieces of purchased paper and found envelope backings, 
with hole-punching and paper-cutting.

Ten reminders of insignificance
acrylic gel medium photo transfers onto aluminum plates, 
images of nebulas taken from nasa.gov 

Friday, January 13, 2012

shanna leino workshop

This fall bookbinder and toolmaker Shanna Leino came and gave a two-day workshop to some of us Book Arts students at UArts. She taught us to make a fast leather bound book on wooden boards, with braided leather end bands and blind heat tooling. This is the book I produced. It was a very good lesson for me in letting go, as this process was meant to be very imprecise and somewhat haphazard.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

work in progress: large drawing

 This large sheet of paper is handmade amate paper, which is a technique of making paper from bark fiber, practiced by the Otomi Indians in Mexico. This sheet was made of four batches of cooked kozo bark, which were then hammered into sheets with a large stone. 
This sheet is approximately 66" wide by 30" tall.
 This is a test sheet I made to determine the techniques I will utilize to complete the large drawing. It's going to take me quite some time, but I'm excited to devote myself more to it this semester!