Monday, November 26, 2012

work in progress, fall 2012

A few entries back I posted about some of the Lenore Tawney materials I received, and that I would soon be making an embroidery piece with the small round boxes. Here are a couple of images, captured by the lovely Zoë Bare, taken during the opening of our work in progress exhibition on October 19th. I will be reworking the installation, and future exhibitions will no longer include the shelf - all of the pieces will be meant for the wall from now on. 

This time I'll carry these with me. (after Lenore Tawney)
boxes owned by Tawney, silk thread, linen

Here are a couple of more images of my work from the work in progress exhibition, these images taken by Sean Whener.

After the sun burned her eyes she found her way.

A new piece, shown here in progress. 
Once the wondrous vastness filled us (Comet of Coggia, 1874),
Now we fill the wondrous vastness (Trackable Space Debris, 2012).

This piece is currently taking up the majority of my time and energy, as I am finally creating my first-ever embroidery animation. I cannot wait to finish it and share it with you! 

 Lastly I would like to share my excitement that my piece showing at the Center for Contemporary Art, from them or you or the stars and their voices, was awarded third place! Thank you very much to the juror, Edwin Ramoran.

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