Monday, May 9, 2011

I alter... I rectify

I have a huge amount of photos to share with all of you, documentation of the Advanced Fibers show that opened this past Thursday night at Bad Dog Gallery. Unfortunately I'm unhappy with the photos I took of my artist book and box, so I will have to re-shoot those and keep you in suspense. I should be able to post photos of that Tuesday or Wednesday. In the mean time, here is my other work that was in the show, as well as the work of my fellow students.

One day I could say her name.
Handmade abaca paper on found frames, hole-punching, cotton embroidery.

These no longer phase me.
Handmade abaca paper with embedded mica, suminagashi ink, strathmore drawing paper.

I can tell you so much more in 25 seconds than I ever could before.
Handmade cotton weaving with inclusions, painted warp threads. I am much happier with this installation than what was done previously at the Glass Gallery. This time the weaving was installed at a 45 degree angle from the wall, and the warp threads were pinned much more chaotically, with some woven throughout the others.

Mary Hintzen's These are the memories you can't remember.
Alcohol bottles with labels removed, family photos.

Paige Sorenson's This is fine, so she'll be fine.
Linen with cotton embroidery.

Katie Wolf (I'm not sure of Katie's titles)
Inherited nightgown, transferred family photos.

Hand-dyed fabric, cotton embroidery.

Crocheted dress.

Jenna Goeringer (also unsure of title)
Embroidery on linen blend.

Vellum with watercolor and cotton thread.

Structure made entirely of wire.

Liz Howell (an incredibly prolific student; also in my Artist's Book course... the rest of these are hers)
Altered and handmade books.

Crocheted cocoon, hand-woven cocoon, handmade cotton paper shell, altered dressform, mixed media.

Altered matchbooks.

Weaving with applied marker.

The show was incredibly worthwhile, even though the preparations to finish my book/box, I was screaming and no one could hear, were so exhausting that I am still recovering. Six of my closest friends from the city came out to support me, for which I am endlessly thankful: Loni Diep, Chrysteena Lairamore, Erika Peyton, Kara Poe, Rachel Swenie, and Sarah Louise Walker. I felt completely immersed in love and support. Also there's no way I would have finished my work in the time allotted without the help of my friends Loni Diep, Jeremy Fox, Brian Montana, and Iga Puchalska. I love all of you!

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