Friday, June 28, 2013

Thesis and after...

This post is well overdue; my apologies!

Below are some images from my thesis show at Rosenwald Wolf Gallery at the University of the Arts. The closing reception was April 26th, and we had an excellent turnout (thanks again, everyone!). My friends and classmates Karen Hardy and Sarah Hulsey were in the gallery with me (be sure to check out their work, it is amazing). Below are some photos taken during the opening; unless otherwise stated, the photos are by my classmate Mou Zhu

 Callie looking at one of Karen's books.

Behind these 11 ft. tall black felt curtains, installed with the help of gallery exhibition coordinator Michael Ciervo, were my animations.

A group in conversation. Sarah's work is on the left and Karen's on the right.

My friends Erin and Allen looking at one of Karen's amazing paper pieces.

Me talking with Meghann Hickson in front of some of Karen's work. 
Photo by Aubrey DiDonato. 

Sarah, Karen, and I standing in front of my light boxes and one of my pressure prints. 
This photo by Karen's mom.

Below are some installation images.  
I took these.

...and now, I have graduated, school is done, and I am back in reality. Fortunately I am also back working part-time at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, as a conservation technician, and I couldn't be happier about this! Philly, and the wonderful people I have met so far in it, have been wonderful to me.

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