Sunday, March 17, 2013

Pressure prints: the plate

These are a few images of the paper I have been using for my pressure plate to make the prints for Once the wondrous vastness filled us (Comet of Coggia, 1874). The paper is handmade kozo from Jang Ji Bang outside Seoul, South Korea. You can see the transition in the embroidery over time - growing as the image is embroidered, and vanishing as I cut the embroidery away. Also notice the crease that has formed in the paper, due to the impact from the pressure of the Vandercook.

 I am happy to report that yesterday I finally finished printing the pressure prints for this project! I don't know the exact count yet, but I have something like 500 pressure prints for the two animations. Also we will have the postcards for our thesis shows soon; if you'd like me to mail you one, email me your address at .

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