Sunday, September 9, 2012

I made this at PBI! (continued)

At the Paper and Book Intensive in Ox-bow this past May, I also took tool making with Shanna Leino, where we learned to make our own bookbinding tools out of elk bone, and also stamping tools out of steel. I fell in love with the elk bone process, and probably would have been perfectly content to make tools the entire two weeks. These are some of the tools I completed; I had two more awls, but I have already given them to much deserving recipients as thank you gifts. The tool on the right I think I'll use as an awl specifically for punching leather; the end is quite sharp. 

My third class at PBI was paper marbling with Steve Pittelkow. He is a superb marbler and I came home with about 40 sheets that I had marbled myself, which is wonderful. I'm excited to use them in our bookbinding homework over the next school year! These are a few of my favorites that I produced.

And I'll conclude this post with some of my favorite images from PBI. 

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  1. Those elk bone tools are so cool! And you'll have to tell me the technique you learned for marbling paper. I really love marbling paper, but the way I learned didn't yield much control over the design. Looks like you did lots, lady!