Monday, January 9, 2012

what is otherwise lost

A project I created for a course under Daniel Heyman. This was probably the most fulfilling piece I created this semester, as I was able to define it from start to finish and actually bring it to fruition in almost the exact way I had initially conceived it.
It requires interaction from the viewer to experience the piece; I have attempted to capture this through the images. Please let me know what you think!

The first drawer holds a book which serves as a table of contents for the rest of the drawers. It is printed in handset Baskerville type, with book cloth covers screenprinted with a drawing I made - a map of a place that doesn't exist. The title, what is otherwise lost was kwikprinted with gold foil. The little book lifts out of the drawer with a small cord handmade of cotton embroidery thread.

the guide that was never enough to help find our way
Handmade origami box, made of handmade flax paper with suminagashi. 

Inside the box is a small pouch made of pig suede, closed with cotton embroidery thread.

 Inside the pouch is a small compass.

seventeen percent of the air you breathed while we watched the meteor fall from the sky


three percent of the fog that enveloped us when we parted and I cried
a glass vial filled with fiber, topped with a small piece of handmade flax tied with cotton thread. 

your thought that I shared when I knew what you were thinking
a glass vial filled with a single strand of cotton embroidery thread, crocheted, then topped with a small piece of handmade flax tied with cotton thread. 

the space between your sigh and mine
handmade flax paper, hand-embroidered with silk thread. 


  1. This is so brilliant. I don't have words to describe how lovely it is.

  2. This whole thing lives in the space between.

    That sigh. Right there.

  3. This is one of the most moving and beautiful things I have ever had the pleasure to have been led to by art-sisters who know me. I love it. really.