Thursday, March 10, 2011

seen at the Joan Flasch Artist's Books collection

Julie Chen, Radio Silence

A book is a build-ing, an imaginative space with a physical presence that must be traveled through gradually, accumulatively, and no two journeys are quite the same. A self-conscious assemblage of raw materials selected for their authenticity, durability, palpability, affinity. Both time-bound and eternal, a product of its moment and a permanent impression in the world as a whole and those who live inside a home.

- Arch Scripps College Press, 2010

Amazingly, books can deepen empathy; foster gentleness, humility; inspire justice, kindness; lessen man's natural orneriness, provide quiet restoration of scattered thoughts, unleash vicarious wandering, excite young-again zeal.

Robert Owen Robertz, Chicago Hand Bookbinders, 1999

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